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The Chabako-SUI series incorporate graceful, elegant traditional Japanese fabric-making crafts, such as Nishijin weaving, Kyo-Yuzen and Kaga-yuzen. With this ingenious pairing, heirloom kimonos gathering dust in the closet may breathe new life as stunning, culturally rich artworks visible once more for the world to admire. 

Metaverse Virtual Exhibition -

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In June 2020, the exhibition we had planned for Interior Chabako’s 20th Anniversary at the Daikanyama Hillside Forum had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 restrictions. The restrictions have not been fully lifted as of December 2021. However, this period allowed us to explore the new territory of the virtual world. Sinece March 2021, we have been preparing for this exhibition, and now we are finally ready to present to you our first Virtual Exhibition. There are 5 zones in this exhibition, and each zone is filled with various stories and aspects of Interior Chabako. we hope you enjoy learning more about the world of Interior Chabako.

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