About us会社概要

Interior Chabako Club Ltd. was founded in 1998 by Masumi Pizer and incorporated in 2004 for the purpose of “sustaining and spreading the Chabako”.
By promoting “Interior Chabako🄬”, we aim to stimulate demand for chabako as a whole and revive the industry.In addition to sales them, we have produced instructors all over the country and aim to spread the use of these handcrafted crafts. (100 people as of March 2020)

We are also committed to training our successors in tea box manufacturing. In 2016, we established Maeda Kobo Co. in Kawane (Kawane Honmachi, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture), a place of production of chabako, and prepared to take over the business from Maeda Hiroshi’s Maeda Hakanjo to fully promote chabako as a local industry.
In January 2020, we will move to a new plant in Kuwanoyama, Kawane Honcho, where we will focus on training future generations under the technical guidance of Mr. Maeda.

  • Company
    Interior Chabako Corporation
  • Antique Dealer Permit
  • CEO
    Masumi Pizer
  • Founded / Incorporated
    1999 / 2004
  • Main Business
    1. Interior Chabako Manufacturing/Wholesale/Retail
    2. Chabako Fabric Covering School Management
    3. Webshops; A.Rakuten-Chabako Pieces B.Membership Only Webshop
    4.Chabako Manufacturing (through 100% Subsidiary, Maedakobo Corporation)
  • Home Office
    6-10-15 Hatanodai, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142-0064
    TEL: +81-3-3786-8743
  • Osaka Branch Office
    1-20-22 Nagai Higashi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 558-0004
  • Kawane Branch Office
    837 Senzu Kawane-Honcho, Haigara-gun, Shizuoka 428-0411
  • Subsidiary
    Maeda Kobo Corporation
    837 Senzu Kawane-Honcho, Haigara-gun, Shizuoka 428-0411
  • Major Trading Companies
    Wako Ginza
    Mitsukoshi Isetan Group (Shinjuku Isetan, Ginza Mitsukoshi etc)
    Umeda Hankyu
    Daimaru Kobemise
    Manas Trading Inc.
    Tomita Coropration
    Tomihiro Hand-Dyeubg Yuzen Co., Ltd.
Masumi Pizer


Masumi Pizerパイザー真澄

Spent a few years of adolescence in London, and had an opportunity to love Japan from the other side of the ocean. After working for a general trading company and a bank, she retires after having two children. Encounters the "upholstered chabako" in 1998 at the home of a foreigner living in Japan. Since then, with friends established the "Interior Chabako Club", which continues to this day. Constantly pursuing new technologies and methods and working to keep the tea box industry in decline.


Upholstered Chabako have been known as a “Japanese-style craft” among the foreign community living in Japan and a limited number of Japanese since the 1950s.

In 1998, I came across the “Fabric Covered Chabako Box” in the foreign community and was completely fascinated by it and started making it every day.
Gradually, friends began to gather at my house, which was overflowing with chabako, and we named it “Interior Chabako” (registered trademark) and began to set up its appearance as a classroom.
The company was later incorporated in 2004.

The Interior Chabako that is now steadily gaining in popularity among the Japanese.
In addition to the Hatanodai headquarters, certified classes have been opened across the country, expanding the scope of our activities.
We also focus on ready-made and made-to-order products with a wide range of fabrics and designs from Japan and Europe, as well as our high level of technical expertise.
Chabako is a wonderfully practical box that inherits the technology and spirit of Japanese craftsmanship and is still viable today.
The longer I’ve been involved in the field, the more I’ve been able to clarify the goals of the Interior Chabako Club.
We want to pass on to the next generation the warmth and authenticity of a real chabako made with traditional techniques and materials by skilled craftsmen. This has become one of my big dreams.

In order to get there, we think it is important to form a variety of industries that use chabako and the boxes as materials and to make the whole industry thrive.
We also want to create opportunities to experience the rich world of fabric culture by freely utilizing a variety of fabrics, including traditional Japanese fabrics such as kimonos and obis, as well as beautiful fabrics from around the world and new modern materials.

In addition, we have collaborated with a wide range of fields such as interior design, crafts, and handicrafts to create a practical and We will produce interior chabako that will fit into your life as storage. The ability to “sit” is also a big draw.
For this purpose, we have the strength of the reinforced chabako checked by an inspection agency in accordance with JIS standards.
The Interior Chabako Club always listens to the needs of our customers, and we will continue to be inventive and improve every day.


ローマ教皇フランシスコ来日の際の献上品、「陸前高田 奇跡の一本松」からできた十字架の収蔵箱として採用。陸前高田市にも同じものを献上。
Interior Chabako made in Nishijin Ori weave “RASEN(the Helix)” was used as a gift box to Pope Francis to store and display a special cross made from “Rikuzentakata Miracle Pine Tree”. Another set was presented to Rikuzentakata City.

フランスの「ジュイ美術館Muse’e de la Toile de Jouy」にてフランス伝統生地を使った作品を常駐展示

テキスタイルデザイナー岸本万里さんによるファッションブランド「mannine(マンナイン)」とコラボしたインテリア茶箱 制作開始

新刊「インテリア茶箱の世界 ~美しく暮らすための上質収納~」出版 東京・京橋「ギャラリーくぼた」にて出版記念大展示会開催 2015年 レーザーで文様を刻印した「レーザー茶箱」制作開始 加賀友禅作家描き下ろしの友禅を使用したインテリア茶箱 制作開始 京友禅作家描き下ろしの友禅を使用したインテリア茶箱 制作開始 高倉染めを使用したインテリア茶箱 制作開始 京都の乙女文化発信クリエイター、koha* とコラボしたインテリア茶箱 制作開始 2015年7月 フランス・パリで開催の「Japan Expo」に出展 加賀友禅や京友禅を使用した箱など、和物を中心に展示


川根支社設立 2013年5月 日本ヴォーグ社ディプロマコース「フレンチ・デコ」監修 日本ヴォーグ社の会員制クラフトディプロマコースの監修・及びプログラム構築

大阪に「認定インストラクター教室」開講 認定教室「アトリエ・ジョイ」にて東京以外で初めて認定コース開講

「全国伝統的工芸品公募展」入選 江戸小紋の伝統工芸士「青木啓作先生」(※2012年秋、瑞宝単光章受章)の 江戸小紋のインテリア茶箱が「化粧箱」として入選

在ウィーン日本大使公邸「インテリア茶箱お披露目会」 ウィーンの在ウィーン日本大使のご厚意により、日本大使館公邸にてインテリア茶箱お披露目会開催

「インテリア茶箱」書籍 パイザー真澄著 梧桐書院 主宰著の美しい「インテリア茶箱」出版