Tegaki Kyo-Yuzen – Fujii Hiroshi. Unryu

“Unryu” was designed by master Hiroshi Fujii specifically for Chabako. It depicts mighty dragons dancing through auspicious clouds. These fire-breathing dragons emanate power and momentum, complemented by the beautiful gold-leaf background giving the work an overall luxurious impression.

Using 5 different grey colour tones, every scale on the dragon is carefully dyed one by one. The dragon on the lid forms a large circle, while the front depicts an ascending dragon, and the back a descending dragon. Once the lid is open, another descending dragon is visible on the back of the lid, ultimately making the ascending and descending dragons face each other.


  • Kyo-Yuzen
    Hiroshi Fujii
  • Size
    40K/W68xD43xH55 cm (external dimensions)
  • Item Number
  • Price
    Please Inquire
  • Art on the inner surface of the lid
  • Hinges / Arms
  • Handle
  • Legs
    No (Table/stand/pedestal sold separately / custom order)
  • Inner surface
    Inner bag present
  • Fabric composition
    Pure silk, gold leaf

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