Tegaki Kyo-Yuzen – Fujii Hiroshi.Rinpa Nami Ni Yatsuhashi Ayame Zu

“Rinpa Nami Ni Yatsuhashi Ayame Zu” (literal: Rinpa-style image of a zig-zag bridge over waves, with iris flowers) was designed by master Hiroshi Fujii specifically for Chabako. Itpays tribute to the Rinpa art movement that began 400 years ago. The auspicious Yatsuhashi bridge and Ayame (iris) flowers are surrounded by dynamically flowing ripples that boldly encompass the whole Chabako.


  • Kyo-Yuzen
    Hiroshi Fujii
  • Size
    20K/W52xD36xH46 cm (external dimensions)
  • Item Number
  • Price
    Please Inquire
  • Art on the inner surface of the lid
  • Hinges / Arms
  • Handle
  • Legs
    No(Stand sold separately)
  • Inner surface
    Cloth lining
  • Fabric composition
    Pure silk, gold leaf

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