Kyo-Yuzen Artist Hiroshi Fujii

Inheriting the traditional techniques and spirit of Kyoto, renowned Kyo-Yuzen master Hiroshi Fujii has had the honour of creating numerous works for the Imperial Family of Japan.

With consistently exceptional handiwork and care given to every step of the production process – from dyeing the rough sketches to completing the finishing touches – master Fujii brings to life breathtakingly elegant worlds in each of his works.

  • Title
    Kyo-Yuzen Artist
  • Career
    1935: Born as the eldest son to designer (Shita-e-shi) Momokage Fujii. He grew up surrounded by traditional beauty and art.
    1959: Graduated with an Economics major from Doshisha University. After, he began an apprenticeship under his father Momokage.
    1972: Established his own company, Tomihiro Hand-Dying Yuzen Co. Ltd., as well as his own workshop.
    2020: Stepped down as the CEO of the company after 60 years, during which period, winning several national awards. He handed over the business to his daughter, and now focuses mainly on the creatives. His representative works include kimonos for the Imperial Family members, such as those for Her Majesty the Empress and Her Majesty the Empress Emerita.
  • Masterpiece
    皇后陛下 御振袖(王朝典雅扇)制作従事
    上皇后陛下 御訪問着(瑞雲重ね)制作従事
    紀宮様 御振袖(雲取典麗彩重ね)制作従事
    秋篠宮妃殿下 御訪問着(山取松藤慶長文様)制作従事
    経済産業省製造産業局長賞 (作品はこちら)


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