Takashimaya Yokohama Store – Exhibition of Interior Tea Boxes to Bring in Spring – Exhibition and Sales

We will hold an exhibition and sales, and take orders from 2/14 at Takashimaya Yokohama Store.
~Interior Tea Boxes to Bring in Spring
Venue: Takashimaya Yokohama Store 7th Floor Kurashi Stage
Period: February 14 (Wed.) – 19 (Mon.) *Last day until 5 p.m. 
Access: 1-6-31 Minami-Saiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, 220-8601, Japan 
First appearance at Takashimaya in Yokohama!
If you look closely at the new Man Nine collaboration tea box, you can see a fun living room!
It is a 360° cute and playful product.
The other one, Heian Banquet Yuubun, is made in soft and cute colors.
The dull pink and Japanese pattern match each other, making this product suitable for both Japanese and Western-style rooms.
We were very worried about the tassel, but decided to use red as the color.
Please come and see the actual product.
We are also preparing a workshop of miniature tea boxes.
We are now accepting applications, so if you are interested, please come and join us.

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