Interior Chabako 20th Anniversary Virtual Event (Teaser)


In June 2020

At “Daikanyama Hillside Forum”, Tokyo A large-scale 20th Anniversary Exhibition of the Interior Chabako Club was scheduled to be held


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic We could not make it happen


In the corner of the Hillside Forum venue We decided to hold a one-day unmanned mini exhibition Together with an live art performance of two artists inspiring each other to create an Interior Chabako.

This video, that opens with the sound of “SHO”, Is an Invitation to our Future Anniversary Exhibition Which will take place when people can gather once more.

①  20th Anniversary Mini Exhibition Virtual Tour

②  Gagaku x Shibuki x Interior Chabako (Short Version)

③  Gakaku x Shibuki x Interior Chabako (Long Version) This video★

Videographer :…

GAGAKU Musician MASAMI Togi SHIBUKI ARTIST *大下倉和彦 Takakuraze(高蔵染)


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