Renowned French Traditional Luxury Fabric Brand Charles Burger Charles Burger

Inheriting hundreds of years’ worth of historic fabric designs, Charles Burger continues to protect the traditional European beauty exemplified in these works. 

It is one of only two facilities to store the original 18th-century versions of designs created by Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf, founder of the Toile de Jouy. Marie Antoinette is said to have been enamoured by his designs.

Exclusive Distributor in Japan : D&T Fance

  • concept
    Traditional machinery is used and original versions of designs acquired in making the fabrics, to be as faithful to the original manufacturing process as possible. In doing so, Charles Burger ultimately aims to ensure the historical context and memory of bygone artists may live on through their beautiful designs.

    In order to reproduce the fabrics in as similar a condition to the past as possible, the print production process takes two skilled French craftsmen carefully dropping colour onto the fabrics, much like in woodcut printing.

    In addition to printed fabrics, Charles Burger is also renowned for its superb weaving technology. Its elegant fabrics can be found within many famous buildings, from the French Chateau Hotel all the way to the White House and Buckingham Palace. A purveyor to royal families and government agencies around the world, Charles Burger has established itself as one of the most beloved luxury fabric brands around today.


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